Sat. May. 12, 2018

SKY Omocha Toy Hospital (Please bring at most three toys per person to be fixed. Please come with your children)
Place: Aoi Jidokan
Time: 14:00-16:00 (Reception is open from 14:00 to 15:30)
Target group: Families and children
Father's Day "Taking a walk" (Going to Sagimori Jinja Shrine. Leaving at 10:30, and braking up there 11:30)
Place: Shugakuin Hoikusho
Time: 10:00-11:30
Target group: Families and children (0-6 years)
Futago Twins Salon (Meeting and Chatting with other parents of twins)
Place: Sukusuku-no Heya Room in Yosei Hoikusho
Time: 15:30-16:30
Target group: Families and twins or triplets and expectant mother who will give birth to twins or triplets.