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There are lots of very small and big play areas around Kyoto. Do send me any reviews, additions, amendments or comments at!

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Tanukidani Fudo-in
Little mountain climing.

Takaragaike Park

Nice outdoor playground with big playground equipment. Kids can play with water in summer.

Demizu Hiroba at Imperial Palace
There is little babbling brook. Kids will enjoy playing with water under the shade of trees at summer time.

Kodomo Mirai kan

Indoor playground. Library.

Yoshida Shirine
There is small play equipment at the top of Mt. Yoshida.

Takano River Swimming
Slow water flow. You can swim in the river in the summer. Keep in mind that swimming here is not without hazard. Parents should keep a close eye on their kids.

Shimogamo Shirine
You might find mushroom in fall.

Kamogawa, Kamo-River around Demachi-yanagi
It's great place to bring the kids for picnic. In summer, kids can play with water. Around Demachi-yanagi is one of the post popular spots for parents and children to play.

Kyoto Railway Museum

This museum is a must for train crazy children.
It's also nice to have picnic there.

Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto City Zoo

Mt. Dimonji Climb
View from the top on mountain is great! 5km distance.

Mt. Kurama Climb

Omiya Kotsu Koen (Omiya Traffic Park)

Kyoto Station (ISETAN Department Store)
The view from the rooftop observatory is the best.

Taiyo Gaoka Park
Family Pool is open from mid July to end of Aug. 
Adult:1000yen. Kyoto city family passport is available.

Kyoto Botanical Garden
Admission ¥200; one family member with kids can enter free of charge with Kyoto city family passport.

Sakyo ward Library
Story Reading to baby. (Every Thursday from 10:30)

Toei Kyoto Studio Park